N.º 29 - August 2022

A decade of old age social policies in Portugal: Trajectories and options from 2006 to 2015
Anabela Ferreira Correia, Elvira Pereira and Dália Costa
The importance of the internet for older adults living alone: A study on Southern European countries
Patrícia Silva, Alice Delerue Matos and Roberto Martinez-Pecino
Reducing inequalities in the framework of the UN 2030 Agenda
Sara Franco da Silva, Maria do Carmo Botelho, Rosário Mauritti, Nuno Nunes, Luís Cabrita and Daniela Craveiro
Plagiarism in higher education: Measuring what students do, know and believe they know
César Morais, Madalena Ramos, Adriana Cardoso, Sónia P. Gonçalves, Rosária Ramos, Rosalina Pisco Costa and Joaquim P. Gonçalves
Dark tourism and the challenge of memory preservation: An approach to the Peniche Fortress conservation
Catarina Ribeiro
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