1. SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE may publish thematic issues that include a set of at least five articles selected by a team of invited editors;
  2. Proposals for thematic issues should be sent to sociologiaonline@aps.pt;
  3. Proposals should include the following information:
    • The title of the special issue;
    • The name of the invited editors;
    • The probable date of submission;
    • A text that identifies the topic to be addressed , its relevance and articulation with the contents of SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE;
    • The probable number of articles to be included;
  4. Manuscripts must comply with the Journal’s guidelines (Submission Guidelines);
  5. The review process will be handled by the team of invited editors and must comply with the Journal’s standards. More specifically, the review process must be double-blind and carried out by at least two independent reviewers. E-mails concerning the review process should be forward to sociologiaonline@aps.pt;
  6. The Editorial will be written by the invited editors and may have a maximum of 2000 words;
  7. The date of publication of the thematic issue will be agreed between the Direction of SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE and the invited editors. Please note that if 3 numbers are already programmed for the submission year, the publication of the thematic number may be carried over to the following year.