Guidelines for the review process

1. Criteria for publication:

  • Adequacy of the manuscript to SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE;
  • Relevance of the text to the proposed scientific area(s);
  • Importance and novelty of the theoretical approach(s);
  • Adequacy and novelty of the methodological approach(s);
  • Relevance of the presented results;
  • Appropriateness of the discussion to the presented results;
  • Presentation of the study’s limitations;
  • Relevance of the discussion and conclusions for the scientific area(s);
  • Compliance with the guidelines of SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE.

2. Recommendation:

Referees should select one of the following options:

  • “accepted, as submitted”;
  • “accepted with minor revisions”; (*)
  • “accepted with major revisions”; (*)
  • “not accepted”;

(*) If necessary, the articles will be sent again to reviewers, in a double-blind peer review system, to assess the quality of the changes made by the author(s). The final decision belongs to the SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE Direction.

3. Suggested format for the recommendation:

  • Brief presentation of the article;
  • Recommendation: short explanation for the chosen recommendation (i. e., “accepted, as submitted”, “accepted with minor revisions”,  “accepted with major revisions” or “not accepted”);
  • Comments on the content of the text: including its strengths and weaknesses, relevance of ideas and object of study, appropriateness of theoretical and methodological approaches, originality of research methods and results, validity of results, adequacy of the bibliographic references, compliance with publication standards, among others;
  • Comments on the text: adequacy of title and abstract, accuracy, clarity and ease of reading of the presented materials including tables and figures, among others.

2018/2019 List of Referees

2016/2017 List of Referees